JBG Severance Costs

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JBG Severance Costs. All severance-related costs (including, without limitation, severance or termination pay and post-termination benefits, including any post-termination health care continuation, and in each case the employer portion of any associated employment taxes withholding or similar costs) incurred by the JBG Parties or their Affiliates in connection with any employees whose employment with the JBG Parties or their Affiliates was terminated prior to, at or after the Closing in connection with the... transactions contemplated by this Agreement, provided, that as of the date hereof, such employees had been identified by the Parties as likely to be terminated in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, JBG Severance Costs will not include payments or distributions on account of any promoted interest or similar interest in any investment vehicle or investment management vehicle or the vesting of any such interest. View More
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