Joint Inventions

Example Definitions of "Joint Inventions"
Joint Inventions. The term "Joint Inventions" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.1 of this Agreement.
Joint Inventions. All inventions and discoveries made jointly by (a) one or more employees (or others on behalf) of Licensee and (b) Dr. Myers (so long as he is an employee of Harvard) in the performance of services for Licensee relating to tetracycline chemistry, including methods of synthesis and novel analogs of tetracycline.
Joint Inventions. Shall mean any and all patentable inventions, other than Model Improvements, obtained or arrived at in the performance of the Services for which (a) one or more inventor(s) is a member of the University Team and (b) one or more inventor(s) is an employee or consultant of Company.
Joint Inventions. Defined in Paragraph 5.2.3.
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