Joint Technology

Example Definitions of "Joint Technology"
Joint Technology. The term 'Joint Technology' shall mean any Technology that would constitute a joint invention under principles arising under US patent law by Sponsor and TSRI.
Joint Technology. The term "Joint Technology" shall mean any Technology made or developed jointly by at least one employee or consultant of Sponsor (it being understood that, for purposes of this paragraph, no TSRI employee shall be considered a consultant of Sponsor) and at least one employee of TSRI, as determined under principles of inventorship under US patent law.
Joint Technology. Any conception, discovery, idea, design, or invention, including but not limited to, processes, equipment, products, materials, material properties, product features and formulations, that at least one employee or agent of CARBO and at least one employee or agent of PICONYX jointly develop, regardless of their relative contributions. Joint Technology shall include, but is not limited to, improvements to CARBO Technology and improvements to PICONYX Technology
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