Joint Venture Agreement

Example Definitions of "Joint Venture Agreement"
Joint Venture Agreement. That certain Joint Venture Agreement entered into by (i) Hong Kong Holdco and (ii) Anhui Xinrui Investment Co., Ltd. a Chinese limited liability company.
Joint Venture Agreement. The joint venture agreement or similar governing agreement of each of the Subsidiaries and any instruments related thereto that created or govern a Subsidiary, as the same may be amended, restated, modified or supplemented and in effect from time to time.
Joint Venture Agreement. Has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Joint Venture Agreement. Shall mean the Joint Venture Agreement, dated September 24, 2019, by and between the Company and SK ecoplant Co., Ltd. (f/k/a SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.), as may be amended, modified and supplemented, from time to time.
Joint Venture Agreement. Means the definitive joint venture agreement and the definitive stockholder agreement (or similar agreements) establishing the joint venture contemplated by the Nonbinding Asia JV Framework Agreement dated January 6, 2021.
Joint Venture Agreement. Means the joint venture framework agreement or other commercial development agreement entered into by and between the Company and the original Holder of this Warrant or one of such Holder’s Affiliates, in which such parties agree to construct and operate a commercial-scale renewable oil production facility sited at a sugar mill of the original Holder or one of such Holder’s Affiliates. The parties shall explicitly declare in such agreement that it is a Joint Venture Agreement as defined in this... Warrant. View More
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