Example Definitions of "Judgments"
Judgments. Shall be entered against the Borrower, any Originator, the Performance Guarantor or the Servicer, or any Affiliate of any of the foregoing involving in the aggregate a liability (not paid or to the extent not covered by a reputable and solvent insurance company) and such judgments and decrees either shall be final and non-appealable or shall not be vacated, discharged or stayed or bonded pending appeal for any period of thirty (30) consecutive calendar days, and the aggregate amount of all such... judgments equals or exceeds fifty million dollars ($50,000,000) (or solely with respect to the Borrower, eighteen thousand six hundred dollars ($18,600) View More
Judgments. For purposes of this Agreement, "judgments" shall be broadly construed and shall include any judgment (including, without limitation, any award of damages and any mandatory or prohibitory injunction, rescission, imposition of a constructive trust, an accounting or any other equitable relief or a declaratory judgment), arbitral award, fine or penalty, or any tax for which the Company or any subsidiary would also or otherwise be liable, for which Indemnitee shall become liable or to which... Indemnitee shall become subject as a result of any proceeding and any amount paid in settlement of any proceeding. View More
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