July 2010 Registrable Securities

Example Definitions of "July 2010 Registrable Securities"
July 2010 Registrable Securities. Means (a) all of the shares of Common Stock issuable upon conversion in full of those certain shares of Series C Preferred Stock, issued in July 2010 (the "Series C Preferred Stock") (assuming on such date the Series C Preferred Stock is converted in full), (b) all shares of Common Stock then issuable upon exercise of those certain warrants, issued is July 2010 (the "July 2010 Warrants") (assuming on such date the July 2010 Warrants are e xercised in full), (c) any additional shares of Common... Stock issuable in connection with any anti-dilution provisions in the Series C Preferred Stock or July 2010 Warrants and (d) any securities issued or then issuable upon any stock split, dividend or other distribution, recapitalization or similar event with respect to the foregoing; provided, that, a security shall cease to be a July 2010 Registrable Security upon (a) sale pursuant to a Registration Statement or Rule 144 under the 1933 Act, or (b) such security becoming eligible for resale without restrictions pursuant to Rule 144. View More
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