Kehler Base Salary Amount

Example Definitions of "Kehler Base Salary Amount"
Kehler Base Salary Amount. Means, in respect of any period during which you may not terminate (or during which you may not elect not to renew) this Agreement pursuant to Section 1(c) without violating Section 1(d) and during which Dean Kehler is no longer employed by the Company pursuant to his employment agreement with the Company (other than as a result of a termination for Cause thereunder or a termination due to his death or permanent disability), the base salary that would have been payable to Dean Kehler had his... Employment Agreement not been terminated (or not renewed) by the Company (other than for Cause or due to his death or disability). For the avoidance of doubt, for purposes of this definition, it will be assumed that a notice of non-renewal could be given by you pursuant to Section 1(c) at any time and would be effective on the date given. View More
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