Key Employees

Example Definitions of "Key Employees"
Key Employees. Dr. Gil Van Bokkelen, Dr. John Harrington, Dr. Kurt Brunden, Dr. Robert Deans, Mr. William (BJ) Lehmann, and Mrs. Laura Campbell.
Key Employees. Those executive, administrative, operational, engineering or managerial employees who are determined by the Compensation Committee to be eligible for Options under this Plan.
Key Employees. Any officers or other key employees of the Corporation or any parent or subsidiary of the Corporation who are selected by the Committee to receive Options under the Plan
Key Employees. Employees listed on Schedule 1.2(c)(ii).
Key Employees. Means Isaac Bright.
Key Employees. Shall include (i) all current Key employees, and (ii) all persons who were employed by Key at any time during the six (6) month period prior to my termination from Key.
Key Employees. Vivek Garipalli and Andrew Toy
Key Employees. Those Stockholders listed under the heading “Key Employees” on the Schedule of Stockholders attached hereto
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