Key Holder Stock

Example Definitions of "Key Holder Stock"
Key Holder Stock. Any Common Stock now owned or subsequently acquired by any Key Holder or such Key Holder's permitted transferees or assigns
Key Holder Stock. Shares of Preferred and Common Stock now owned or subsequently acquired by the Key Holders by gift, purchase, dividend, option exercise or any other means whether or not such securities are registered in a Key Holder's name or beneficially or legally owned by such Key Holder, including any interest of a spouse in any of the Key Holder Stock, whether that interest is asserted pursuant to marital property laws or otherwise. The number of shares of Key Holder Stock owned by the Key Holders as of... the date hereof are set forth on Exhibit A, which Exhibit may be amended from time to time by the Company to reflect changes in the number of shares owned by the Key Holders, but the failure to so amend shall have no effect on such Key Holder Stock being subject to this Agreement. View More
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