Key Performance Indicators

Example Definitions of "Key Performance Indicators"
Key Performance Indicators. The performance criteria upon which the Performance Goals for a particular Performance Period are based as provided on Exhibit A attached hereto, as such may be amended from time to time for each applicable Performance Period under this Plan. Such Key Performance Indicators may relate to the performance of the Company as a whole, a business unit, division, department, individual or any combination of these and may be applied on an absolute basis and/or relative to one or more peer group... companies or indices, or any combination thereof, as the Committee shall determine. In the event the Committee uses the term "Performance Measure" in place of the term and for the purpose of identifying the "Key Performance Indicators" in specific awards or the program for a Performance Period, for purposes of such Performance Period, the term "Performance Measures" should be understood as having the same meaning as the term "Key Performance Indicator" as such term used in this Plan. View More
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