Keystone Group Tax Liability

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Keystone Group Tax Liability. For a taxable period, the liability for Federal Taxes and Combined Foreign, State and Local taxes, as applicable, that the Keystone Group would have had if it were not a member of the Contran Group or Contran Tax Group during such taxable period (or during any taxable period prior thereto, and instead filed a separate consolidated or combined return, as applicable, for such taxable period); provided, however, that for purposes of determining such liability for a taxable period all tax elections... shall be consistent with the tax elections made by Contran for such period. In making such tax elections it is understood Contran will make those tax elections which are beneficial to the Contran Tax Group on a consolidated basis. Nevertheless, Contran will use its best efforts in the case of those elections which affect the computation of the Keystone Group Tax Liability, to make elections in a reasonable manner so as to minimize the Keystone Group Tax Liability. For purposes of this Agreement, in determining the Combined Foreign, State and Local Taxes for the Keystone Group, such determination shall be made based on a separate Foreign, State and Local Tax Calculation as if the Keystone Group were a separate unitary filer with respect to states and other jurisdictions in which Contran is required to file on a unitary or combined basis. View More
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