Knetik Platform

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Knetik Platform. A software application made available by Knetik that is designed to facilitate the instantiation, management, and retirement of: (i) an online storefront; (ii) online catalog of products to be offered via the storefront; (iii) shopping cart functionality to support the ordering of products from the store front; (iv) product offerings with bundled discount-pricing, and consolidated checkout; (v) economic instruments, including range of virtual wallets defined against fiat and/or virtual... currencies; (vi) coupon functionality for discounting of products via the storefront (vii) loyalty program functionality for incentivizing the users of the storefront; (viii) invocation of communication capabilities for email, text, carrier ("push") notifications and telephonic voice notification for users of the storefront; and (ix) processing of reports in support of the transaction which transpire on the storefront. (See Exhibit 1.8 (Knetik Platform Description)) View More
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