Kymeta Materials

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Kymeta Materials. Specifications, Documentation, Kymeta's Marks, and any and all other information, data, documents, materials, works and other content, devices, methods, processes, hardware, software and other technologies and inventions, including any deliverables, technical or functional descriptions, requirements, plans or reports, or training materials that are provided or used by Kymeta or any Subcontractor in connection with the Subscription Services or Professional Services or otherwise comprise or... relate to the Subscription Services or Kymeta Systems. Kymeta Materials include any modifications to, or derivative works of, the foregoing materials. Kymeta Materials do not include any Third Party Materials. For the avoidance of doubt, Kymeta Materials include any information, data or other content derived from Kymeta's monitoring of Customer's access to or use of the Subscription Services, but do not include End User Data View More
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