LABS Technology

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LABS Technology. Means any of the following Rainbow Technology rights (i) owned by LABS as of the Effective Date, or (ii) developed or conceived by LABS during the Term and owned by LABS in accordance with Article 11: Technical information, inventions, concepts, products, components, trade secrets, know-how, techniques, designs, processes, communications protocols, software, Improvements, whether patentable or not, patents, patent applications, including any patents issuing thereon and any and all divisions,... continuations and continuations-in-part thereof, and any and all reissues and reexaminations of any such patents, copyrights, copyright registrations and applications, and all other intellectual property rights. LABS Technology excludes (i) any technology owned by a third party and licensed to LABS, and (ii) the MASIMO Technology. Notwithstanding Section 11.3, Labs Technology also includes the glucose measurement technology acquired from Argose. View More
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