Landlord Delay Day

Example Definitions of "Landlord Delay Day"
Landlord Delay Day. Each day of delay in the performance of the Work that occurs as a result of (a) Landlord's failure to timely deliver or approve any required documentation such as the Space Plans or Working Drawings, (b) Landlord's failure to timely furnish any information or deliver or approve any required documents such as the Space Plans, Working Drawings (whether preliminary, interim revisions or final) (c) Landlord's failure, on more than one (1) occasion, to have an authorized representative (that may... change from time to time) attend any meeting with Tenant, the Architect, any design professional, or any contractor, or their respective employees or representatives, as may be required or scheduled hereunder or otherwise necessary in connection with the preparation or completion of any construction documents, such as the Space Plans, Working Drawings, or in connection with the performance of the Work, provided Landlord is notified at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of meeting. Any Landlord Delay Day that delays Tenant's commencement shall result in day for day abatement of rent until such time as Tenant is able to commence the Lease. View More
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