Law or Laws

Example Definitions of "Law or Laws"
Law or Laws. All applicable federal, state, tribal and local laws (statutory or common), rules, ordinances, regulations, grants, concessions, franchises, licenses, orders, directives, judgments, decrees, restrictions and other similar requirements, whether legislative, municipal, administrative or judicial in nature.
Law or Laws. Shall mean all applicable state and federal codes, statutes, laws, permits, rules, regulations, interpretations, regulatory guidance, ordinances, orders, policies, determinations, judgments, writs, injunctions, decrees and common law and equitable rules, causes of action, remedies and principles as the same may be amended, modified, supplemented or superseded from time to time, and any requirements of any Governmental Authority with appropriate jurisdiction.
Law or Laws. Means any statutes, rules, codes, regulations, ordinances or Orders of, or issued by, any Governmental Authority.
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