Lease Commencement Date

Example Definitions of "Lease Commencement Date"
Lease Commencement Date. The later of October 24, 2003, or the date that the City of Hampton, Virginia issues a temporary certificate of occupancy concerning the Demised Premises
Lease Commencement Date. The date Landlord acquires ownership of the Premises.
Lease Commencement Date. January 1, 2005; Lease Expiration Date shall mean October 31, 2015, subject to extension for Renewal Term(s) as provided in Section 12.4 of this Lease; Lease Term shall mean the time period between and including the Lease Commencement Date and Lease Expiration Date.
Lease Commencement Date. Shall mean the date the Premises is delivered to Tenant in broom clean condition.
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