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Example Definitions of "Lease Term"
Lease Term. Wherever the phrase "Lease Term" or the phrase "term of this Lease" is used in this Lease, it shall refer to the Lease Term described in Section 1.2(a) and any extensions and renewals thereof validly and timely exercised by Tenant, unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
Lease Term. A term commencing on the Commencement Date and continuing for a period of sixty (60) months.
Lease Term. Variable periods, but ending, unless sooner terminated in accordance with the terms hereof, on March 31, 2008.
Lease Term. The period commencing with the Lease Commencement Date and ending after the term described in Paragraph 4.1.
Lease Term. Means, in respect of any Prime Lease, the initial term of such Prime Lease and any renewal or extension option thereunder exercised pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement; provided, with respect to the Guaranteed Lease Stores, the Lease Term shall not include renewal or extension options (or, if the Prime Lease Term with respect to any Leased Premises is currently under a renewal or extension option, any additional renewal or extension options) available under the Prime Lease with respect... to such Leased Premises, except as provided in Section 4(a). View More
Lease Term. Shall mean a period (i) commencing on the Phase I Commencement Date with respect to the Phase I Premises and on the Phase II Commencement Date with respect to the Phase II Premises and, (ii) unless sooner terminated as provided herein, ending with respect to the entire Premises (i.e., the Phase I Premises and the Phase II Premises, collectively) on December 31, 2020, subject to extension pursuant to Article 40 hereof.
Lease Term. The term "Lease Term" or "Term" means the term of this Lease which shall commence on the Commencement Date and continue for the period specified in Section J of the Summary.
Lease Term. The period commencing on the Commencement Date and terminating on August 31, 2022.
Lease Term. A period of 130 months commencing on the Commencement Date.
Lease Term. References to "Lease Term" in the Original Lease shall be deemed to include the current Lease Term for Floors 2-3, the 2-3 Extended Term and the 4-6 Term.
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