Leave of Absence

Example Definitions of "Leave of Absence"
Leave of Absence. The following types of unpaid or reduced pay leaves of absence authorized by the Participant's employer: pregnancy leave and/or parental leave, bereavement leave, compassionate care leave, family responsibility or family medical leave, emergency leave, sick or medical leave, or any other similar leave of absence as approved by the Company
Leave of Absence. A period of not less than a full month that a Participant is absent from work on leave that is approved by the Employer Company due to illness or other approved reason.
Leave of Absence. A leave of absence which is agreed to between the Corporation and the Participant in writing for medical reasons or for military service shall not constitute a break in Service for this purpose.
Leave of Absence. An Employee's absence from employment with an Employer on a formally granted leave of absence (i.e., the absence is with formal permission in order to prevent a break in the continuity of term of employment, which permission is granted (and not revoked) in conformity with the rules of the applicable Employer, as adopted from time to time)
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