Lender-Provided Commodity Hedge

Example Definitions of "Lender-Provided Commodity Hedge"
Lender-Provided Commodity Hedge. A Commodity Hedge which is entered into with any Lender or an Affiliate of any Lender and which meets the following requirements: such Commodity Hedge (i) is documented in a standard International Swap Dealer Association Agreement or such other standard trading documentation, (ii) provides for the method of calculating the reimbursable amount of the provider's credit exposure in a reasonable and customary manner, and (iii) is entered into for hedging purposes. The liabilities owing to the... provider of any Lender-Provided Commodity Hedge (the "Commodity Hedge Liabilities") by any Loan Party that is party to such Lender-Provided Commodity Hedge shall, for purposes of this Agreement and all other Loan Documents be "Obligations" of such Person and of each other Loan Party, be guaranteed obligations under any Guaranty Agreement and secured obligations under any other Loan Document, as applicable, and otherwise treated as Obligations for purposes of the other Loan Documents, except to the extent constituting Excluded Hedge Liabilities of such Person. The Liens securing the Hedge Liabilities shall be pari passu with the Liens securing all other Obligations under this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, subject to the express provisions of Section 9.2.5 [Application of Proceeds; Collateral Sharing] View More
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