Letter of Credit

Example Definitions of "Letter of Credit"
Letter of Credit. Means one or more letters of credit issued by the Letter of Credit Provider for the benefit of the Fund, and which shall terminate no sooner than the Termination Date.
Letter of Credit. Shall have the meaning specified in the Consent and Agreement
Letter of Credit. The meaning given such term under the Credit Facility Agreement
Letter of Credit. The meaning given to such term in the UCC
Letter of Credit. Each of the parties hereto hereby acknowledges and agrees that, and directs the Issuing Bank to amend the Letter of Credit to provide that, the Stated Expiration Date is extended to March 15, 2018. Upon the terms, subject to the conditions and relying upon the representations and warranties set forth in this Amendment or incorporated herein by reference, the Issuing Bank agrees to deliver to the Trustee an amendment to the Letter of Credit in the form of Annex K thereto designating March 15,... 2018 as the date to which the Stated Expiration Date is extended. View More
Letter of Credit. That certain letter of credit with an issue date of November 23, 2015, issued by Lender, at the request of Debtor, as applicant, for the benefit of AIG ASSURANCE COMPANY and the other beneficiaries named therein, for drawings up to ONE MILLION SEVEN HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN AND NO/100 DOLLARS (1,767,115.00).
Letter of Credit. Any letter of credit issued pursuant to this Agreement and shall include the Existing Letter of Credit and the Mid-Con Letter of Credit.
Letter of Credit. Irrevocable standby letter of credit issued by a recognized commercial bank having net assets of not less than five hundred million ($500,000,000) to the Escrow Agent, that the Escrow Agent at the request of the Advisor may draw upon, conditioned only upon the presentation of the original letter of credit and a signed statement that the Advisor is entitled to cause the Escrow Agent to draw, in the maximum aggregate amount equal to the difference between (1) the Required Amount; and (2) the... amount of cash deposited into the Termination Fee Escrow Account by the Company. View More
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