LHP, LLC Revenue

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LHP, LLC Revenue. Will be equal to (i) the total revenue of LHP, LLC as determined by SunTrust in good faith in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles consistent with past practices based on the books and records of LHP, LLC including, without limitation and without duplication, (A) investment supervisory fees received by LHP, LLC from proprietary limited partnerships and companies (domestic and offshore) and other managed accounts, but excluding the revenue share paid to AMA, LLC, (B)... performance incentive fees received by LHP, LLC on proprietary limited partnerships, companies and other managed accounts, (C) investment consulting fee income received by LHP, LLC, (D) if applicable, LHP, LLC's share of revenue from all subsidiaries of LHP, LLC (whether existing now or in the future), (E) income earned on invested capital of LHP, LLC, (F) revenues of SunTrust which were earned through material participation by LHP, LLC, including, but not limited to, the revenue shared to SunTrust banks in accordance with the revenue sharing agreement (currently 60%) between LHP, LLC and SunTrust for the referral of investment management business to LHP, LLC by the local SunTrust banks, and which customarily would be allocated to a subsidiary of SunTrust such as LHP, LLC, as determined to be appropriate for inclusion in "LHP, LLC Revenue" by the head of Private Client Services of SunTrust, (G) any direct revenue of AMA Holdings (other than revenues included in any other subsection of this definition) not included in the AMA, LLC Revenue and (H) sub-adviser fees paid by AMA, LLC to LHP, LLC consistent with past practice. View More
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