LIBOR Daily Floating Rate

Example Definitions of "LIBOR Daily Floating Rate"
LIBOR Daily Floating Rate. Fluctuating rate of interest which can change on each Banking Day. The rate will be adjusted on each Banking Day to equal the London Interbank Offered Rate (or a comparable or successor rate which is approved by the Bank) for U.S. Dollar deposits for delivery on the date in question for a one month term beginning on that date. The Bank will use the London Interbank Offered Rate as published by Bloomberg (or other commercially available source providing quotations of such rate as selected by the... Bank from time to time) as determined at approximately 11:00 a.m. London time two (2) London Banking Days prior to the date in question, as adjusted from time to time in the Bank's sole discretion for reserve requirements, deposit insurance assessment rates and other regulatory costs. If such rate is not available at such time for any reason, then the rate will be determined by such alternate method as reasonably selected by the Bank. If at any time the LIBOR Daily Floating Rate is less than zero, such rate shall be deemed to be zero for the purposes of this Agreement. View More
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