Example Definitions of "LIBOR Loan"
LIBOR Loan. Shall mean the Loan at such time as it is bearing interest at the Applicable LIBOR Rate
LIBOR Loan. Means any Loan tied to the LIBOR Interest Rate.
LIBOR Loan. Any Loan when and to the extent that the interest rate therefor is determined by reference to the one-year LIBOR Interest Rate.
LIBOR Loan. With respect to the definition of "LIBOR Loan," by deleting "LIBOR Rate" and inserting in lieu thereof "Adjusted LIBOR Rate".
LIBOR Loan. (as defined in the Existing Credit Agreement) outstanding on the Second Amendment Effective Date (each, an "Existing LIBOR Loan") shall, unless repaid or converted to a Loan of a different Type in accordance with the terms of the Amended Credit Agreement, remain outstanding as such until the expiration of the Interest Period applicable to such Existing LIBOR Loan, in accordance with, and subject to all of the terms and conditions of, the Existing Credit Agreement.
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