LIBOR Period

Example Definitions of "LIBOR Period"
LIBOR Period. Shall mean a period of 90 days, plus or minus one or two days, with respect to a LIBO Rate Tranche; provided that no LIBOR Period shall extend beyond any Maturity Date.
LIBOR Period. With respect to a LIBOR-based Advance, a period of one (1) month, two (2) months, or three (3) months, as selected by Borrower (and which period is acceptable to Bank in its sole discretion), or as otherwise determined pursuant to and in accordance with the terms of this Addendum, commencing on the day a LIBOR-based Advance is made or the day an Advance is converted to a LIBOR-based Advance or the day an outstanding LIBOR-based Advance is refunded or continued as another LIBOR-based Advance for... an applicable LIBOR Period, provided that any LIBOR Period which would otherwise end on a day which is not a Business Day shall be extended to the next succeeding Business Day, except that if the next succeeding Business Day falls in another calendar month, the LIBOR Period shall end on the next preceding Business Day, and when a LIBOR Period begins on a day which has no numerically corresponding day in the calendar month during which such LIBOR Period is to end, it shall end on the last Business Day of such calendar month. In the event that any LIBOR-based Advance is at any time refunded or continued as another LIBOR-based Advance for an additional LIBOR Period, such LIBOR Period shall commence on the last day of the preceding LIBOR Period then ending. View More
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