License and Supply Agreements

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License and Supply Agreements. Each of Pluto, Spinco and Utah agrees that it will use its reasonable best efforts to cooperate in good faith to negotiate and finalize as promptly as practicable one or more agreements (in each case, including the schedules and exhibits thereto) pursuant to which Pluto shall license to Spinco the commercialization rights in the United States for, and supply to Spinco, the Spinco Products (which license shall exclude, for the avoidance of doubt, the right to commercialize any authorized generic... or generic under the marketing authorizations set forth in items 4 and 5 of Schedule 2.02(b)(vi)) for which Pluto or another member of the Pluto Group shall hold the applicable New Drug Application or Abbreviated New Drug Application as of the Distribution Time, excluding any such marketing authorization to be transferred to Spinco or another member of the Spinco Group pursuant to Section 2.04 (the "License and Supply Agreements"), and each of Pluto, Spinco and Utah, as applicable, will execute and deliver, and cause each of their applicable Subsidiaries to execute and deliver, as applicable, the License and Supply Agreements on or prior to the Distribution Date. View More
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