Licensed Copyrighted Works

Example Definitions of "Licensed Copyrighted Works"
Licensed Copyrighted Works. Shall mean all packaging, labels, signage, marketing, advertising and promotional materials bearing or displaying the Licensed Marks including website materials that are used by Licensee for the Business in the Licensed Territory as of the Effective Date, in only the specific form or medium in which they are embodied as of the Effective Date, or in such other form as may be approved by Licensor as provided in Section 2, to the extent that Licensor or one of its Affiliates owns each such work.
Licensed Copyrighted Works. Means all policies and guidelines that are necessary to conduct the Company Business as currently conducted and any derivative works created by or on behalf of the Company, excluding any (a) patents, (b) know-how and (c) polices and guidelines related to researching, developing, manufacturing and commercializing products in the Company Field.
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