Licensed Copyrights

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Licensed Copyrights. Collectively, Imprimis' rights in those certain copyrights in the Territory and copyrightable works (including without limitation all rights of authorship, use, publication, reproduction, distribution, performance, transformation, moral rights and rights of ownership of copyrightable works and all rights to register and obtain renewals and extensions of registrations, together with all other interests accruing by reason of international copyright), together with all registrations and... applications therefor in the Territory, in and to the marketing, promotional and other materials relating to the Products or their use in the Field that are designated from time to time in writing by Imprimis for use by ADF under this Agreement. View More
Licensed Copyrights. Means any Copyrights that (a) are Controlled by Pluto or any of its Affiliates on the Closing Date after giving effect to the transactions pursuant to the Separation and Distribution Agreement; and (b) are or were used or held for use, or as of the Closing Date were planned for use, by Pluto or any of its Affiliates in the Spinco Business (including with respect to the Spinco Pipeline Products).
Licensed Copyrights. Means the Arizona Licensed Copyrights and the Company Licensed Copyrights.
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