Licensed Field of Use

Example Definitions of "Licensed Field of Use"
Licensed Field of Use. Apparatuses, methods, products, devices, and systems intended for all human and animal applications, including, but not limited to, the direct or indirect diagnosis, detection, prevention, treatment or cure of 1) [*** Confidential] of organs, the [*** Confidential] system or [*** Confidential], including but not limited to [*** Confidential] identified or imaged using laparoscope methodology and/or endoscopic ultrasound methodology, 2) [*** Confidential] of the patient, and 3) disease, injury,... or condition of [*** Confidential]. The parties intend this [*** Confidential] field of use to be broadly construed, such as, by way of example only, to encompass [*** Confidential] including, but not limited to [*** Confidential]. The parties agree that the technologies covered herein are related to pulses of or less than one microsecond. View More
Licensed Field of Use. Means all fields.
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