Licensed Know-How Products

Example Definitions of "Licensed Know-How Products"
Licensed Know-How Products. All products and services, excluding Licensed Patent Products, which: (i) incorporate or are developed using NYU Know-How or (ii) modulate PolQ as a basis for their therapeutic effect. From and after a Change of Control of Repare, no product arising from a development or commercial program of the acquirer of Repare in such Change of Control, or such acquirer's affiliates, and constituting a bona fide drug candidate of such acquirer or its affiliates in existence and, with data generated by such... acquirer in biochemical, cellular, and animal studies showing such drug candidate to modulate PolQ as a basis for its therapeutic effect prior to the date of such Change of Control shall be considered a Licensed Know-How Product; provided that from and after such Change of Control neither Repare nor such acquirer nor their affiliates use or incorporate, directly or indirectly, any NYU Patents, NYU Know-How or NYU Materials, or any intellectual property or materials of Repare or its Affiliates relating to PolQ including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and biochemical products, structures, assays, technical and non-technical data, materials methods and processes and any drawings, plans, diagrams, specifications and/or other documents containing such information and existing prior to such Change of Control, in each case in connection with (including in identification or development of) such compound or program, and provided further that Repare, such acquirer and their affiliates have and enforce processes, policies, procedures and systems to prevent any such use or incorporation. View More
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