Licensed Marks

Example Definitions of "Licensed Marks"
Licensed Marks. Those certain trademarks, trade names, designs and markings owned or licensed by Halozyme and designated from time to time in writing by Halozyme for use by Intrexon under this Agreement in connection with the packaging, labeling, promotion and marketing of Products in the Licensed Field
Licensed Marks. Means the trademarks, trade names, names, brands, logos, symbols, and other proprietary designations of Galectin Therapeutics as set forth on Exhibit A, as may be updated from time to time by Galectin Therapeutics.
Licensed Marks. Shall mean the Marks as and in the form in which they are used by Licensee on or in connection with the Business in the Licensed Territory as of the Effective Date.
Licensed Marks. The trademarks and trade names listed in Exhibit C (as such list may be updated from time to time by Lam upon notice to Company)
Licensed Marks. Means the Trademarks set forth on Schedule 1.1(c) to the extent Controlled by the applicable Pfizer Licensor.
Licensed Marks. Imprimis' rights in those certain trademarks, trade names, designs and markings, together with all registrations and applications therefor in the Territory, that are designated from time to time in writing by Imprimis for use by ADF under this Agreement.
Licensed Marks. The trademarks, trade names, logos and/or service marks and any associated or related marks or other indicia of origin, whether registered or unregistered, owned by Licensor or any of its Affiliates and containing the term "COLUMBIA," including the registrations and registration application which include the mark "COLUMBIA" as more fully identified in Schedule A.
Licensed Marks. All elements of TwoPlus1 Marks which L A M Y incorporates into the Game or otherwise uses in developing, publishing, distributing, operating, marketing, advertising, promoting or exploiting the Game, subject to L A M Y's approval pursuant to Section 3.3
Licensed Marks. The trademarks, logos, service marks and trade names set forth on Schedule A hereto, all rights thereto throughout arising anywhere in the world, and all goodwill symbolized by any of the foregoing.
Licensed Marks. The trademarks and service marks included in the Licensed IP, together with the goodwill relating thereto.
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