Licensed Materials

Example Definitions of "Licensed Materials"
Licensed Materials. The Approved Program Block Marks, Licensed Henson Characters, and Interstitial Programming
Licensed Materials. The stem cell line(s) and feeder line(s) as Controlled by Cell Cure pursuant to the Hadasit License Agreement, and any clinical grade RPE Cells manufactured by or for Cell Cure based on such cell line(s) and feeder line(s.
Licensed Materials. The design materials and information described on Exhibit A ("Licensed Materials") that embody or otherwise relate to the Parthus Designs and Parthus Software
Licensed Materials. A description of any pre-existing original software, or other works of authorship which are owned by the developer and are agreeing not to be included in the deliverables constituting works for hire of Customer and are required or contemplated to be used with the Deliverables.
Licensed Materials. Any advertising, marketing, promotional, and/or merchandising materials and artwork prepared by ChromaDex and provided to Buyer. There is no obligation for ChromaDex to create or provide Licensed Materials. Licensed Materials may or may not display ChromaDex Trademarks and may or may not be provided to Buyer by ChromaDex, in ChromaDex's sole discretion.
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