Licensed Product Patents

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Licensed Product Patents. Means all patents and patent applications in the Territory which Cover the use of Captisol with the Compound, other than the Captisol Patents, and which now or at any time during the Term are owned by or licensed to CyDex or any CyDex Affiliate with the right to sublicense, including any and all extensions, renewals, continuations, substitutions, continuations-in-part, divisions, patents-of-addition, reissues, reexaminations and/or supplementary protection certificates to any such patents.... Licensed Product Patents further include all other patents and patent applications, other than the Captisol Patents, which are owned or licensed by CyDex before the Effective Date or at any time during the Term of this Agreement, and which are necessary to develop, manufacture, and commercialize the Licensed Product or which are necessary for MDCO to exercise its license under this Agreement. Set forth in Exhibit B attached hereto is a list of the Licensed Products Patents as of the Effective Date. Such Exhibit B may be updated by CyDex from time to time during the Term. View More
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