Licensed Rights

Example Definitions of "Licensed Rights"
Licensed Rights. The Intellectual Property and Licensee Improvements, as they may exist from time to time.
Licensed Rights. Solely the combination of the Marks and property. Should Licensor modify the form of all or any part of the Licensed Rights during the Term, Licensor shall provide Licensee with written notice specifying the change(s) made. From the date of such notice forward, Licensee may not commence production of any Licensed products containing a superseded form of the Licensed Rights. Additionally, Licensee shall have a reasonable amount of time from the date of such notice to sell-off its remaining... inventory of Licensed Products bearing any obsolete form of the Licensed Rights View More
Licensed Rights. Means the Patent Rights, Technical Information and Trademarks.
Licensed Rights. Means the Patent Rights and the Know-How.
Licensed Rights. All rights granted to Company under Article 2 "License Grant" of this Agreement.
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