Licensed Service

Example Definitions of "Licensed Service"
Licensed Service. The term 'Licensed Service' shall mean the performance of a service for a third party in the Field, which performance uses or incorporates a Product, Licensed Process or Licensed Biological Material.
Licensed Service. Means (a) any service performed by Licensee and/or Sublicensee that (i) in the absence of this Agreement would infringe at least one Valid Claim, or (ii) uses a process covered by a Valid Claim, and/or (b) service performed by Licensee that uses or is otherwise derived from Technical Information and/or Tangible Research Property.
Licensed Service. Shall mean any service that cannot be performed, in whole or in part, without the practice of at least one method or process which is COVERED by one or more issued, unexpired claims or pending claims of the PATENT RIGHTS or that uses a LICENSED PRODUCT.
Licensed Service. Means any service provided for consideration (whether in cash or any other form), when such service (i) involves the use of a Licensed Product; or (ii) involves the practice of a Licensed Method.
Licensed Service. Any service performed for or on behalf of a third party on a fee-for-service basis, the performance of which falls within the scope of a Valid Claim pending in the country where the service is performed.
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