Licensed Software

Example Definitions of "Licensed Software"
Licensed Software. Means the driver code, sample code, tools, software development kits and related documentation described in Exhibit A, but not including the GPG Software.
Licensed Software. Means the machine-readable, Object-Code version of Supplier's software (whether or not embedded in a Product as Firmware), including all related Documentation, and including any modified, updated or enhanced versions of the software or Documentation, that Supplier makes available to Control4 or an End Customer under this Agreement.
Licensed Software. Shall mean, collectively, the Immersion TouchSense/Integrator Solutions and the Haptic SDK.
Licensed Software. That computer software listed on Exhibit A hereto, together with all Updates and Enhancements.
Licensed Software. The computer software identified in Schedule A attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement, all Error Corrections, Enhancements, and Releases thereof supplied by Licensor during the term of this Agreement, and all permitted copies of the foregoing
Licensed Software. Means all Software and related materials utilized in or in connection with the App, as more particularly described in Exhibit A.
Licensed Software. Software created by INC Research on SAS platform and which is configured to process, analyze, summarize, and report clinical trial data.
Licensed Software. The Source Code and Object Code for the software, programming, and other applications described in Exhibits A-E and all enhancements, updates, bug fixes, corrections, and new releases and versions thereto.
Licensed Software. Any and all software offered by BeOp as part of its operations.
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