Licensed Territory

Example Definitions of "Licensed Territory"
Licensed Territory. The United States of America and all other countries of the world
Licensed Territory. The term "Licensed Territory" shall mean worldwide, except for Russia.
Licensed Territory. The United States, its possessions and territories
Licensed Territory. The entire world.
Licensed Territory. The Republic of Korea
Licensed Territory. Means theWorld.
Licensed Territory. Shall mean the world.
Licensed Territory. The United States (including its possessions and territories) and Canada. The Licensed Territory may be modified or supplemented by SCEA from time to time pursuant to Section 4.4 below.
Licensed Territory. Means Japan, [***].
Licensed Territory. Means collectively, the geographic location(s) in which Thomson Reuters licenses to Licensee, the right to permit the applicable Permitted Licensee Entity to use the applicable Licensed Index and the applicable Licensed Thomson Reuters Marks, solely to Launch and Market the applicable Permitted Licensee Product. The Licensed Territory with respect to a Permitted Licensee Product shall be worldwide, except as otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties and expressly identified as the "Licensed... Territory" in the Schedule applicable to the Permitted Licensee Product. View More
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