LICENSEE PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY. the extent the following are obtained wholly apart from, and not DERIVED in any way from, a HOST STRAIN, EXPRESSION VECTOR, or EXPRESSION SYSTEM: (i) proprietary genes or genetic elements encoding the NANOBODY PRODUCT and the protein, substance or material encoded thereby which protein, substance or material is owned by or licensed to Licensee or its AFFILIATES; (ii) genetic elements useful in enhancing the production of the NANOBODY PRODUCT in an EXPRESSION SYSTEM; and (iii) genetic... elements useful in the construction, transformation, or selection of an EXPRESSION SYSTEM;2.the NANOBODY PRODUCT (whether in BULK PRODUCT FORM or in FINAL PRODUCT FORM) produced by or on behalf of Licensee or its AFFILIATES under or in connection with this A&R Agreement; and 3.all information and other process know-how of Licensee or its AFFILIATE wholly apart from, and not based on or developed in reference to, RCT EXPRESSION TECHNOLOGY that Licensee employs in the production of the NANOBODY PRODUCT, or in the induction, fermentation, design, preparation, or scale-up/out of an EXPRESSION SYSTEM View More
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