Licensee Product(s)

Example Definitions of "Licensee Product(s)"
Licensee Product(s). Means any products independently developed, manufactured, used or sold by Licensee that incorporate any portion of the Technology and/or are produced, manufactured or dispensed using any portion of the Process or any derivative works of the Technology or the Process, whether independently or bundled with any other products.
Licensee Product(s). Genetically engineered adeno-associated virus vectors that (i) are developed and manufactured by LICENSEE or its AFFILIATES, or on behalf of LICENSEE by SERVICE PROVIDER(S), through the use of CELLS, and (ii) are used in the treatment of or in the preparation of the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).
Licensee Product(s). Means collectively, WWAN Products and Non-WWAN Products Sold by LICENSEE; each, a "LICENSEE Product".
Licensee Product(s). Products, which are (i) genetically engineered AAV particles, including therapeutically active formulations of such products, (ii) developed and manufactured by Licensee or its Authorized Affiliates, or on behalf of Licensee or its Authorized Affiliates by Service Provider(s), through the use of Life Cells, (iii) used only in the treatment of, or in the preparation of the treatment of, a certain indication in human patients through Licensee's proprietary methodologies, and are (iv) a First... Licensee Product or an Additional Licensee Product View More
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