Life Rights

Example Definitions of "Life Rights"
Life Rights. All intellectual property rights and proprietary information, know-how, and methods, owned or controlled by LIFE, and related to the LIFE CELLS (including the pCHO 1.0 vector and LIFE CELLS incorporated within LICENSEE MODIFIED CELLS), and the CELL LINE DOCUMENTATION PACKAGE.
Life Rights. One or more of the intellectual property rights licensed to or owned by Life, to the extent that they relate to the manufacture, use, sale, or import of Licensee Product or the use of the CLDP in accordance with the license grant, selected from the following: (i) all proprietary rights of Life in and to the Life Cells including biological materials rights; (ii) all proprietary know-how, trade secrets, data, test results, techniques, procedures, compositions, methods, formulas, protocols and... information, in each case developed, owned, or controlled by Life or its Affiliates and (iii) all copyrights, whether or not such copyrights are registered with the U.S. Library of Congress or other governmental body by Life or its Affiliate, which are associated with the CLDP View More
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