Liquidation Proceeds

Example Definitions of "Liquidation Proceeds"
Liquidation Proceeds. With respect to a Non-Performing Account, proceeds from the sale or re-marketing of the Equipment relating solely to such Non-Performing Account, proceeds of any related insurance policy of any Account Party Insurer and any other recoveries (other than pursuant to any MCC Insurance Policy) with respect to such Non-Performing Account and the related Equipment, including, without limitation, any amounts collected as judgments against an Account Party or others related to the failure of such... Account Party to pay any amount in respect of any Payment Right under the related Account Document or to return the Equipment, net of (i) any out-of-pocket fees and expenses reasonably incurred by MCC or any of its Affiliates in enforcing or attempting to enforce, as agent for Purchaser, any relevant Account Document (including in the context of a lessee bankruptcy) or in repossessing, repairing, refurbishing, preparing for sale or lease, liquidating or re-marketing such Equipment, (ii) amounts so received that are required to be refunded to the Account Party on such Account, and (iii) any Retained Payment Rights View More
Liquidation Proceeds. Shall mean the proceeds from a Change of Control, if any, after reduction for (a) all debts and liabilities of the Company, (b) the Unreturned Capital Contributions as of the Closing Date, and (c) the establishment of any reserves which the Board deems reasonably necessary for any contingent or unforeseen liabilities or obligations of the Company.
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