Lloyd's LC Facility

Example Definitions of "Lloyd's LC Facility"
Lloyd's LC Facility. Means a letter of credit facility, between the Company and/or one or more Subsidiaries of the Company and the letter of credit issuer(s) and other credit providers thereunder providing for the issuance of letters of credit primarily for the purpose of enabling Funds at Lloyd's to be provided thereby on behalf of the account parties thereunder and in an aggregate principal amount of up to $100,000,000 at any time outstanding, on terms substantially consistent with the terms set forth in the term... sheet attached hereto as Schedule 1.02 (the "FAL Facility Term Sheet") and any modifications, amendments, restatements, waivers, extensions, renewals, replacements or refinancings thereof provided that any such modifications, amendments, waivers, extensions, renewals, replacements or refinancings be on terms which, when taken together as a whole, are not adverse in any material respect to the interests of the Lenders, as compared to those contained in the FAL Facility Term Sheet. View More
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