Loan Account

Example Definitions of "Loan Account"
Loan Account. The account upon the books of the Bank in which will be recorded all Loans made by the Bank to the Borrower pursuant to this Agreement, all payments made on such Loans and other appropriate debits and credits
Loan Account. The term "Loan Account" means a record or account ledger maintained by Borrower which shall record, among other things, the date and amount of each disbursement of Term Loan proceeds made by Lender, the manner in which such Term Loan proceeds are used, including amounts, dates and payees, and the date and amount of each payment made by Borrower to Lender in respect thereof. If any discrepancy or inconsistency should arise between the Borrower's Loan Account and Lender's records regarding Term... Loan disbursements and Borrower's Term Loan payments hereunder, Borrower and Lender shall promptly meet and each shall use reasonable and good faith efforts to promptly resolve the discrepancy. View More
Loan Account. Means the account opened by the Borrower with the Facility Agent for the purpose of collecting the Advances.
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