Loan Purchase Schedule

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Loan Purchase Schedule. A schedule of Loan(s) sold by Seller to Buyer on a Closing Date which schedule shall be furnished by Seller to Buyer and annexed as Schedule A to the Bill of Sale by Seller with respect to the Loans purchased, which Schedule A shall contain the following required fields for each Loan: Account Number; Obligor(s) Name(s); Unpaid Balance as of Cutoff Date; Dollar Amount of Accrued Interest; Number of Days of Accrued Interest; Current Note Rate; Per Diem Interest Amount; Interest Paid Through Date;... Next Due Date; Last Paid Date; Lien Position; State of origination (and, if different, the state of the Obligors' current residence); Amount of Required Periodic Installment. Seller shall furnish Buyer with a copy of the Loan Purchase Schedule at least one day prior Closing Date, in a format agreeable between Buyer and Seller. View More
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