Location of Business

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Location of Business. The location of business for the partnership enterprise is Room 09, Floor 6, Building 1, No. 43, A, North Street, Xizhimen, Haidian District, Beijing. The general partner could change the location of business based on operational needs, but must change the registration at the Administration for Industry and Commerce, and notify limited partners in written within 30 days after the registration change. Under this clause, the general partner has rights to sign or represent limited partners signing... legal documents and completing registration change. If the law or government authorities require limited partners to sign legal documents for registration change in person, limited partners shall sign required legal documents in person. Investments will be in the form of equity, debt, and/or other forms approved by applicable laws and the agreement. The interest payment will be distributed as investment return to all of the partners. Unless all of the partners (except for Xi'an TCH) approve, the purpose shall not be amended. View More
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