Lock-up Agreements

Example Definitions of "Lock-up Agreements"
Lock-up Agreements. Means the lock-up agreements, described in Section 5(m) of the underwriting agreement entered into by the Company in connection with the initial public offering of Ordinary Shares, dated August 2, 2017, executed by Huntsman International LLC and Huntsman (Holdings) Netherlands B.V.
Lock-up Agreements. The lock-up agreements entered into by and between the Company and all of its officers, directors and key employees (each a "Restricted Holder") pursuant to which such Registered Holders agree to certain restrictions on the sale or disposition (including pledge) of all of the Common Stock of the Company held by (or issuable to) them
Lock-up Agreements. Shall have the meaning specified in the definition of Lock-up Release Date
Lock-up Agreements. The Lock-Up Agreements, dated as of the date hereof, by and among the Company and the directors and officers of the Company, in the form of Exhibit B attached hereto
Lock-up Agreements. Those certain Lock-Up Agreements, dated as of July 8, 2019, by and among Pubco, the Company, and certain of the Persons listed on the Schedule of Investors attached hereto.
Lock-up Agreements. Defined in the recitals to this Agreement
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