Example Definitions of "Lot"
Lot. Means a quantity of Secondary Materials delivered to Stillwater as one Shipment or as part of a Shipment and designated by Power Mount based on the type of automobile catalytic converter.
Lot. Each of the seventy-one (71) Finished Lots that are a part of the Mortgaged Property, as referenced on Exhibit "A" to the Deed of Trust
Lot. A Batch, or specifically identified portion of a Batch, intended to have uniform identity, purity, quality, strength and composition.
Lot. A batch, or specific identified portion of a batch or batches, having uniform character and quality within specified limits within the meaning of cGMPs
Lot. The metes and bounds description of the Lot is set forth in Exhibit G attached hereto.
Lot. Means, with respect to any Product, a Batch, or a specific identified portion of a Batch, which consists of at least the number of vials of such Product set forth on the applicable Proposal.
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