Maintenance Capital Expenditures

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Maintenance Capital Expenditures. An amount equal to 50% of depreciation expense.
Maintenance Capital Expenditures. An Means an amount equal to 50% of depreciation expense.
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Maintenance Capital Expenditures. Means Capital Expenditures of the Partnership and any of its Subsidiaries other than Capital Expenditures representing amounts paid in connection with (a) improvements which enhance (as opposed to maintain) the value of property, (b) the purchase or construction of mausoleums and (c) Permitted Acquisitions.
Maintenance Capital Expenditures. In respect of the Borrower, Capital Expenditures that are made (a) for the maintenance, repair, enhancement, or refurbishment of any of the equipment related to the frac fleets in accordance with applicable law and standard industry practice and (b) in the ordinary course of business and consistent with past practice of the Borrower.
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