Example Definitions of "Majority-in-interest"
Majority-in-interest. Investors holding at least a majority of the aggregate outstanding principal amount of the Notes.
Majority-in-interest. Means, at any time of determination, the holders of not less than 50.1% (based on then-outstanding principal amounts and accrued interest of Notes at the time of such determination) of the Notes.
Majority-in-interest. Of any group of holders of Registrable Securities shall mean any such holders that, taken together, hold a majority of the aggregate number of Registrable Securities (or, in the case of Warrants, the number of shares of Common Stock with respect to which such Warrants may be exercised) held by all such holders, taken together
Majority-in-interest. Shall mean the holders of at least fifty percent (50%) of the aggregate outstanding principal amount of the Note and any other promissory notes issued to Investor, its designees and/or other parties in connection with the acquisition of the Company and any other limited liability company membership interests in other entities sold by Investor to LXL Media and/or its Affiliates, whether on or about the Issuance Date or at any time during twelve (12) months thereafter.
Majority-in-interest. Holders holding a majority of the then outstanding shares of Series E Preferred Stock and Series F Preferred Stock.
Majority-in-interest. With respect to a specified group of persons a majority of the shares of Common Stock and shares of Common Stock underlying the Warrants included in the Registrable Securities held by such persons
Majority-in-interest. At any time of determination, the parties holding more than 50% of then-outstanding principal amount of any instruments evidencing First, Second or Third Priority Obligations
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