Managed Assets

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Managed Assets. An amount equal to the total assets of the Company, including any form of leverage, minus all accrued expenses incurred in the normal course of operations, but not excluding any liabilities or obligations attributable to leverage obtained through (i) indebtedness of any type (including, without limitation, borrowing to purchase or develop real estate or other investments, borrowing through a credit facility, or the issuance of debt securities), (ii) the issuance of preferred stock or other... preference securities, (iii) the reinvestment of collateral received for securities loaned in accordance with the Company's investment objectives and policies, and/or (iv) any other means. In the event the Company holds CMBS where the Company holds the controlling tranche of the securitization and is required to consolidate under GAAP all assets and liabilities of a specific CMBS trust, the consolidated assets and liabilities of the consolidated trust will be netted to calculate the allowable amount to be included as Managed Assets. In addition, in the event the Company consolidates another Person it does not wholly own as a result of owning a controlling interest in such Person or otherwise, Managed Assets will be calculated without giving effect to such consolidation and instead such Person's assets, leverage, expenses, liabilities and obligations will, on a pro rata basis consistent with the Company's percentage ownership, be considered those of the Company for purposes of calculation of Managed Assets View More
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